Saturday, September 25, 2010

Orange County Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor #2

This has got to be the most overlooked contest on the ballot in this little corner of heaven .

It also happens to be a crowded race.

The candidates are Timothy D. Blevins, Jose Ismael Bosque, David "Monty" Montanez, and Edward N. Rodriguez.

I found it difficult to find any information on these guys.

Only Montanez has an actual campaign website. At least his was the only one I could find.

Rodriguez has the most detailed campaign filings with the local supervisor of elections, and received some ink in the local press when he was shunned by the local Hispanic Chamber of Commerce at their straw poll.

So, it looks like those two are more serious about winning this seat.

Beyond that, they both seem like good guys. Rodriguez is a retired police detective. Montanez is a Navy veteran of both Gulf wars.

Until and unless some additional info crops up, I don't think anyone could go wrong casting their vote for either of them.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm researching this race as well, and I came across the same problem as you did—I could find very little information.

However, I did find out that Timothy D. Blevins is the incumbent in this seat. Blevins is a FAMU Law School Assistant Professor and was appointed to the position of Supervisor of the Orange Soil & Water Conservation District by Gov. Charlie Crist when the previous supervisor stopped going to monthly meetings.

Though the position was created by the Florida Legislature, it gets no money from the state, so Soil and Water supervisors don’t earn a paycheck. The Soil and Water board is not a political powerhouse, but some candidates treat it as a spring board.

I do not feel that Blevins is treating the position as a "spring board," because he was appointed to the position when the last elected official quit going to the meetings and now that the position is up for grabs again, he is actually running for the non-paid position this time.

News 13 interviewed him, and he said, “It should come down to a moral and civil obligation. If you’re going to run for it, be active in it.”

For those reasons, Blevins is getting my vote.

3:23 PM  

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