Saturday, December 22, 2007

Return to Sender

That's the mark I'd like to place on the "gifts" Hillary Clinton is promising to deliver if the people of this country are foolish enough to elect her President of the United States.

Have you SEEN her Christmas commercial?

It is truly disturbing to watch. There's the former first lady sitting on a couch with her crazy Joker smile a la Jack Nicholson in that Batman movie. Surrounding her are a bunch of wrapped packages, to which she's "struggling" to affix the correct labels bearing things like "socialized medicine," "higher taxes," "bigger government," etc. etc. etc. (I may be paraphrasing. )

I cannot believe that she and her staffers truly believed this was an acceptable message to send to voters, that the presidency is nothing more than the keys to a candy store. And, don't bother trying to explain how exactly she's going to pay for those "gifts." But, be assured it's not going to be on HER platinum American Express card.

Where is the scorn? The disdain? The disbelief?

I guess all of that was used up by the nuts who've been criticizing Mike Huckabee's Christmas message. You know the one with the "floating cross" in the background that any normal person would recognize as a bookshelf. He was accused of subtly adding the Christian symbol as something of a subliminal message. Poppycock!

Meanwhile, there's nothing subtle about Hillary or subliminal about her message. She is making a blatant plea to return to the failed tenet of socialism: redistribution of wealth. And, nobody in the mainstream media is jumping on her about it.

She deserves nothing less than a lump of coal in her stocking this year.

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