Wednesday, December 19, 2007

U.S. Troops get Scrooged by Nancy Pelosi

In case you missed it, the illustrious Speakeress of the House of Representatives has rallied her Democrat majority to give a collective middle finger to our men and women in uniform.

Just before scurrying away from Capitol Hill to enjoy her Christmas vacation, she rushed thru an omnibus spending bill.

And, she spent like a drunken sailor. We're talking 3,500 pages of itemizations totaling $515,000,000,000 of ye socks' tax money.

But, here's the kick in the teeth: Of that huge wad of cash, she stipulated NO funds should go to our troops in Iraq!

Is she completely out of her mind? How can she do this?!? It is nothing short of an outrage!!

Clearly, she and her ilk want to ignore the success of the recent troop surge. Violence is down in Iraq, and order is being restored.

I think Al Gore would have to call this an "inconvenient truth." You see, it is not in the best interest of the Democrats in Congress for the US to succeed in Iraq. They have a vested interest in seeing America's defeat. They must be so proud of that.

Fortunately, the Senate is expected to thwart the House in their efforts to play politics with the lives of our troops. The Democrat majority in the upper chamber of commerce is razor thin, and is unable to pull the type of shenanigans Pelosi can get away with in the House . The final version of the bill will likely correct her gross miscarriage of duty. And, I guess we will have to be content with that.

But, remember this the next time you're tempted to elect a Democrat to Congress. Their party politics come before the insignificant lives of our fellow Americans, especially those putting everything on the line in a war zone.

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