Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ron Paul is an idiot

Lest ye socks be drawn into the spellbinding powers of the RINO candidate for President after his recent appearance on "Meet the Press," let me assure you that he is as irrelevant to the '08 campaign as Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War.

But, that didn't prevent the idiot from trying to make it relevant.

Don't get me wrong. As anyone who read my recent book will tell you, I love talking about the Civil War Era. But, it just does not need to be a focus of a presidential primary in this day and age . . . especially when the guy talking about it is a complete idiot.

In case you missed it, Idiot Paul believes Abraham Lincoln is to blame for singlehandedly starting the Civil War because he thought it would be cheaper to expend the lives of 600,000 people on both sides than it would be to have the federal government simply buy all the slaves and set them free.

Specifics as to why this argument makes him a complete idiot:

1. Not even Abraham Lincoln, as big an historical figure as he is, had THAT much influence. The war had been brewing for decades.

2. Putting morals aside for a moment, isn't the Idiot Paul the person who screams loudest whenever anyone proposes a big federal spending plan? This would have been the biggest ever contemplated!!

3. The war could not have been avoided as late as 1860, when Lincoln was elected president. And, the issue wasn't even slavery. It was, rather, whether the individual states had the wherewithall (if not the right) to withdraw from the Union as freely as they entered it. It had to be decided. And, unfortunately, it involved going to war. It happens, and it's horrible. But, it happens.

I think that's what the idiot was really trying to accomplish in his public display. He was, I believe, trying in some round about way to make George W. Bush's leadership in the war on terror appear as "unnecessary" as Abraham Lincoln's leadership in the Civil War.

Way to go, Ron, you just succeeded in making yourself look like an idiot again.

What I don't understand is how idiotic the people must be who keep sending you money!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul is certainly an idiot, but not for the reasons you assign. He is so far off base that only a true Lincoln scholar could correct him.

3:31 PM  
Blogger Apopkan said...

Ok, I can accept that criticism. I am certainly no Lincoln fan, much less a Lincolnian scholar! So, what are the reasons YOU think he's an idiot and/or off-base? I'm sure you've got a few, and I'd love to hear them.

3:45 PM  
Anonymous dcoll said...

The idot was just on FoxNews commenting on the Bhutto assasination
and what we shouldn't do(in his case.
He suggest he would stop overpaying the Pakistani Military to keep those 60-100 Nukes out of extremist hands.
So 7 billion is too much to avert that yet Lincoln should have bought and freed the slaves as if.
I keep hearing that Ron Paul has valid arguments, I just haven't heard any.

4:35 PM  

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