Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The orange is about to drop!

Times Square up in New York City may have a Waterford crystal ball to drop at midnight tonight.

But, here in the big O-town, we have a giant orange.

I thought ye out-of-town socks might get a kick out of seeing it, since I doubt the national media is going to cover the goings-on down on Church Street this year.

Ever since Universal built City Walk and Disney did away with cover charges to Pleasure Island, the downtown party scene has really taken a nose dive. Add, the current economic woes to the equation, and I don't think you're going to have to worry about crowds if you decide to witness the orange dropping in person.

They say only about 8,000 people are going to show up this year, most of them out-of-towners getting ready for tomorrow's Citrus Bowl.

Most of us locals, on the other hand, will be having some low-key entertainment in our own homes this year.

Cheers to you and yours, and at 11:59:59 yours truly will raise his glass of champagne to toast ye socks properly!

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