Saturday, January 10, 2009

St. Petersburg!

Well, ye socks, this fine Florida day found yours truly basking in the sunshine of Tampa Bay.

But, I wasn't on the Tampa side of that equation.

I was over on the Pinellas Peninsula most of the day, hitting Haslam's Bookstore, cruising Snell Isle, and swinging by the St. Petersburg Pier.

Believe it or not, they have a Columbia Restaurant in that inverted pyramid thingy at the end of the pier.

Of course, it doesn't really compare to ye olde favorite over in St. Augustine. But, then again, what does, right?!

I hadn't been over to St. Pete since the early 90s, when my sister and a cousin drove over to check out the "Treasures of the Tsars" exhibit in one of the downtown museums. The exhibit it self was awesome, but I didn't come away with a very good impression of the city itself. Oh, how times have changed, though. They've really cleaned this place up!

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