Thursday, January 29, 2009

What's so fascinating about that?!

Ye socks who are as geeky as yours truly and are maintaining blogs of your own may want to check out this site:

There you will find a cool widget that allows you to keep track of who is surfing thru your posts.

I just got done browsing the latest data on this little corner of the blogosphere, and can't figure out why so many folks out there end up on my old post about Miss Chiquita Banana . . .

Ah, well, to each his or her own, I suppose . . .



Blogger M--- said...

I use feedjit 'cause I wanna know who's stalking me as much as I'm stalking them! ;o) have an old post about Miss Chiquita Banana?? WTH??!??! Where's THAT link??

1:38 PM  
Blogger wsmv said...

I probably should have credited you, because I stumbled across that widget from a link on your blog!

And, for your surfing pleasure, check out:

2:02 PM  

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