Monday, March 23, 2009

A letter to George Washington

I thought I would share a recent discovery with ye socks after perusing an online collection of George Washington at the University of Virginia:

This letter written exactly 222 years ago yesterday was sent to our first president by my great-uncle Buckner Stith (1722-1791).

Actually, he hadn't been elected president by that point. We were still operating under the Articles of Confederation in 1787. I suppose that's why the letter was sent to Philadelphia instead of Mount Vernon.

Boring genealogical details: Yours truly descends from Buckner's younger brother Richard Stith of Campbell County, Virginia. All three of them (the two Stiths and Mr. Washington) worked as surveyors as young men. And, two of Buckner's sons married into the Washington family.

History lesson over . . . for today.

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