Thursday, July 23, 2009

When good things happen to good people

So, I got home from work today to find the regular bunch of junk mail waiting my perusal.

One item very nearly ended up in the trash can, because it was clearly a mass mailing addressed to "College Park Homeowner."

I don't know what made me open it, but I did. Here's some of what it said:

Thank you so much for opening your home for the historic homes tour last November . . . During the tour, I met a lovely young woman who was a docent in one of the houses. I don't remember the address . . . but, it had an enclosed porch to the left of the front door, and there was a beautiful Duncan Phyfe sofa . . . When I laughlingly commented that I had a sofa just like it, the docent exclaimed that she had been trying to get the homeowner to sell her that couch. I gave the young woman my telephone number and asked her to call me about my sofa, but she never called.

If any of you know this young woman, please ask her to call me. [I] need to find a good home for my Duncan Phyfe sofa. I know this young woman will love this sofa, and she will not be able to beat the price . . . I am willing to give it to her for free, because I know she appreciates the history and quality of this type of furniture.

Of course, the letter writer was referring to my house, and my sofa. And, the "young woman" she mentioned was a very good friend who I had suckered into helping me out that day. She really *has* been trying to get me to part with my Duncan Phyfe for years. Now, it looks like she will soon have one of her own as a result of her generosity!

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