Sunday, August 23, 2009

My dad's matrilineage

Continuing with the genealogical theme begun with yesterday's post . . .

It was on this date back in 1868 that my dad's great grandmother Hilda Bonner Arnett was born up in Randolph County, Alabama.

I spent quite some time tracing her maternal line as part of an mtDNA project, back when we were trying to get a handle on the genetic aspects of Dad's case of early-onset Alzheimer's Disease.

Anyway, here's the line as far back as I've traced it to date:

1. Skip Morgan (1948-2007), his mother was
2. (still living), her mother was
3. Ella Arnett (1901-1988), her mother was
4. Hilda Bonner (1868-1954), the lady whose birthday inspired this post, her mother was
5. Flora Rushton (1836-1905), her mother was
6. Martha Lorance (1821-1894), her mother was
7. Flora Cameron (1790-1840s), her mother was
8. Sarah Brown (1768-1850), who married James Cameron.

More complete details may be found at my online ahnentafel:

I did recently discover Sarah Brown Cameron's tombstone at the old Long Cane Baptist Church in Troup County, Georgia. I'll include a photo with this post. Here's a transcript in case your eyes fail ye:

to the memory of
Sarah Cameron
consort of
James Cameron Sen.
was born
Feb 24th 1768
& died
Dec 16th 1850

Any help tracing back from Sarah and extending this matrilineage would be greatly appreciated!

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