Saturday, October 24, 2009

All that for just a dollar?!?

This beautifully sunny fall day found yours truly running errands hither and yon until shortly before 1pm.

That's when I noticed a little sign at Chelsea and Bumby pointing the way to one of the greatest rummage sales I've ever seen.

It was at the Audubon Park Covenant Church, host to my old polling place back when I lived in that little nook of our little corner of heaven.

Anyway, I arrived just as the organizers were winding things down. They were due to close at 2pm, and were anxious to clear out all their remaining wares. And, their ingenious method was to charge all us new arrivals $1 for a big brown paper grocery sack and the permission to carry away anything and everything we could fit inside it!

Although I left with my bag full of second-hand treasures while the mayhem was still very much in full swing, I am pretty sure the rummage sale volunteers didn't have much inventory left by 2pm . . .

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