Sunday, October 18, 2009

A mini-reunion at Disney

That's MINI, as in small. Not MINNIE as in mouse . . .

Yours truly braved the I-4 traffic and unseasonably cool weather today to get together with some high school friends for lunch at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney.

(Tip: Don't bother trying to find a parking space in any of the lots adjoining DD. You'll just end up as frustrated as an FSU fan. Instead, try doing like I did and park across Buena Vista Drive in the very EMPTY lot of the Casting Center. You do have to wait for the pedestrian signal, but the hike is actually shorter than having to park on the other side of Pleasure Island as some unfortunate socks wound up discovering . . . but, I digress.)

I hadn't seen my classmates Chris Deason and Cristi Davis in twenty years, which is a shame since they're both great people. Geography used to be my excuse. But, since Chris and his wife Kristi (also a classmate!!) and their girls moved to Casselberry last year, that excuse has been supplanted by sheer laziness.

So, when Cristi told me she was coming to Disney for a convention, I decided to remedy the situation. Thus the exotic safari-style lunch this afternoon.

Unfortunately, Kristi was too ill to join us. But, the three Frenship Tigers who were at the table had a great time swapping stories, looking at old photos, and letting the kids take some new ones. Who'da thunk that three survivors of Mrs. Blackburn's infamous San Antonio adventures would cross paths again some twelve hundred miles or more away from where they diverged two decades ago? It's a crazy, yet wonderful world.

I suppose this makes up for missing the "official" reunion out in Wolfforth this summer! Maybe, we could lobby for the 25th to be held in Orlando . . . any takers?!?

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