Monday, October 19, 2009

Compliance is one thing . . .

Certification is something else altogether.

Our first real burst of autumn weather in this little corner of heaven had yours truly anxious to get the coffee pot a-goin' at the office this morning.

when I got there, I not only had a tough time trying to find a parking spot, but also found the java was already brewing.

And, there was a box of Kirspy Kreme donuts and a home-made loaf of banana bread (thanks to Valda!) waiting for me.

I forgot that the whole crew was going to be in the office this morning, undergoing OSHA certification.
It was an all day affair, actually.

Having this many people in the office all day was highly unusual, and made it difficult to tackle ye olde work load. But, I suppose, tomorrow is indeed another day . . .

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