Friday, November 06, 2009

When crazy strikes too close to home . . . and work

Friday is always the best day of the work week. But, this particular Friday held particular promise in this little corner of heaven. Mostly because the weather was cooperating with astonishingly low humidity and mild temperatures.

But, then all hell broke loose at lunchtime in this office building at 1000 Legion Place on the northern edge of downtown.

I'm not going to regurgitate all the facts surrounding this senseless act of violence. If you want all those details, check out

What I will say here is that this particular bit of madness hit WAY too close for comfort.

I mean you see stuff reported in the news like Fort Hood, Virginia Tech, etc., but you never expect it to happen in your back yard.

And, I'm not speaking entirely figuratively when I say that.

The building in question is pretty much across the street from where yours truly sampled the apple pannini featured in a post earlier this week.

It's also less than two miles from my humble abode, just the other side of Lake Ivanhoe really.

Then, when the SWAT team finally apprehended the nutcase responsible for this nightmare of a Friday, it turns out it was at his mom's apartment . . . just two miles away . . . a straight shot down Curry Ford Road from ye olde workplace.


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