Monday, December 14, 2009

Dense Fog Warning!

Today, yours truly found himself in the heaviest fog he'd ever encountered.

I didn't notice it much as I stepped outside to head off to work, mostly because it's always dark and gloomy that time of day.

But, then the security light went off. It always does that, and I'm glad for it because it helps me to find the keyhole so I can lock the deadbolt behind me.

Today, however, said light struggled to illuminate the threshhold . . . much less the narrow space between my service door and the neighbor's wall.

I had second thoughts about even getting in the car at that point, figuring it was just too dangerous to drive in these conditions.

But, after peeking around the front hedge, I realized that it was just a particularly heavy pocket of fog that had settled in between the houses. It was a little thinner in the unusually quiet streets of our neighborhood. Just a LITTLE thinner, though.

Anyway, I decided to brave it, and stuck to the side streets instead of getting on I-4. Glad I did, too. Even at the slower pace, my knuckles were throbbing by the time I reached the office!

Be safe out there!

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