Thursday, January 28, 2010

A coupla billion here, a coupla billion there . . .

Confession: yours truly avoids Orlando International Airport like the plague.

Until this afternoon, I don't think I'd set foot on the property in years.

And, my aversion to air travel isn't the only reason.

Just driving down there to pick someone up means taking your life into your hands.

Seriously, who were the traffic engineers that designed that piffle and nonsense?!?

Anyway, it seems that our illustrious commander-in-chief is bent on making OIA an even more interesting place to visit.

He and his second banana were down in Tampa this fine day to announce they are going to spend billions of our tax dollars to connect that city to our own. One of the terminals will be at OIA. Great.

I guess this is supposed to make up for the billions they are apparently going to cut from the NASA budget. Sounds like a great big ponzi scheme to me . . . one that's going to displace a lot of Central Florida workers.

Hope and change!

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