Friday, January 29, 2010

Presidential Identity Crisis

Did any of ye socks catch any of the coverage of the Republican retreat up in Baltimore today?

I know, I know. This is not the sort of event that generally attracts a lot of attention.

But, it was really worth watching this time, because they invited Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., to appear as a guest speaker.

You really have to give the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue some credit for accepting that invitation.

When I heard he had agreed to be there, I'll admit there was a glimmer of "hope" that he was going to undertake some "change" we really could believe in.

But, that glimmer was quickly dashed.

The ObamaNation is not interested either in learning from its many mistakes over the past year or in compromising with the current minority party in Congress.

Instead, the rabble-rouser-in-chief took this opportunity to tell his hosts what he is NOT.

Apparently, he's neither a Bolshevik nor an idealist.

Well, you have to give him that. Bolsheviks at least gave lip service to the working class, while this administration is clearly more interested in keeping people OUT of work than anything else.

And, as far as the idealist thing goes, did anyone else out there think his rejection of the label sounded an awful lot like Nixon's infamous claim, "I am not a crook?!?"

Baltimore was not about dialogue for Mr. Obama, just another opportunity for pontification and grand standing. He's pretty good at that theatrical kind of stuff. It's the legislating and governing stuff he's still struggling with . . .

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