Friday, April 23, 2010

Orange and Blue forever!

Well, ye socks, I guess I just became a Denver Broncos fan. At least they have the right team colors . . .

Still can't figure out why the Jacksonville Jaguars passed on drafting Tim Tebow. Instead, they used their 10th pick on Tyson Alualu out of California. Yeah, that's going to pack the stands . . .

I was half hoping #15 would end up in Minnesota, learning from Brett Favre and reconnecting with Percy Harvin. But, it became fairly obvious where he was going when the Tebow family was sporting Broncos hats well in advance of the team's 25th pick in the first round last night.

Somewhat ironically, Superman has the opportunity to show the Jags the error of their ways during his first game with the Broncos.

That's right, ye socks. Mark the calendar. Septhember 12th the Broncos will be playing the Jags in Jacksonville. Should be a good one.

Orange and Blue!

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