Monday, June 21, 2010

The Blind Side

Yours truly just finished watching the blockbuster hit movie by that name, courtesy of our friends at Netflix.

The biopic is based on the true-life story of NFL great Michael Oher, who was adopted by the Tuohy family of Memphis, Tennessee.

To be sure, this is a feel-good film. It should be, given the source material and the great cast. The latter includes Quinton Aaron as Oher, Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw as his adoptive parents, and Kathy Bates as his tutor. (It also features cameo appearances by a host of current and former SEC coaches who shall remain nameless here, because none has as yet coached at THE University of Florida.)

But, after watching it, I was not nearly as impressed with Bullock's performance as the Academy was when it awarded her with an Oscar. As a Southerner, I just didn't buy her character's accent. (It wasn't nearly as convincing as Meryl Streep's contemporary conjuring of Julia Child's regional inflections.)

Bottom line: suitable for family movie night, but a little overblown.

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