Saturday, June 19, 2010

Leap Year

That's the title of the latest DVD selection that arrived in this little corner of heaven, courtesy of our friends at Netflix.

It refers to an old Irish tradition whereby a woman is "allowed" to propose marriage on February 29th.

The film follows an even OLDER chick-flick formula.

It "stars" Matthew Goode and the very-fetching Amy Adams. John Lithgow also appears briefly as Adams' hapless father. Unfortunately, none of these capable actors are capable of redeeming this film.

Frankly, the best attempts at comedy consist of a series of lame sight gags. And, the stereotypical portrayal of the Irish "supporting" characters was nothing short of offensive.

Honestly, the only way to enjoy this piffle was to ignore what the people on the screen were doing and try instead to soak in the images of rural Ireland that serve as a backdrop for much of the film.

Bottom line: If you must rent it, consider clicking the "mute" button.

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