Saturday, June 26, 2010

Making the best of it

One thing yours truly has learned in recent years is this: If you have to do something you'd rather not do, then try to balance it out with doing something fun that you wouldn't normally do.

Today, as I had to head up to Apopka to deal with the pending vacancy at ye olde rental property, I decided to make the journey more palatable with a sidetrip to Renninger's Flea Market in Mount Dora.

Said sidetrip was made all the better by undertaking it with some good friends and eating way too much Mexican food afterwards!

To make things better, I found the house in great condition and got to show it to some great people, too. In fact, I'm hopeful that it may not go unrented for too long after all!

Don't let anyone tell you that flea markets, friends, and food can't cure what ails you!

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