Saturday, August 28, 2010

If this doesn't make you go Vegan . . .

. . . at least it will make you question what went into bringing home the bacon.

The following gem of a quote comes from the Will Wallace Harney anthology project. He included it in an 1871 letter:

"Everything that buzzes or flies, everything that bites or stings is familiar in Florida. The red bug, of the loathsome chinch genus I think, buries itself under the cuticle and makes a purulent sore. Mosquitos [sic] and sand flies, of course. In Northern Florida is a curious variety of the first, called the blind mosquito. It flies in clouds, darkening the air and fouling the dishes. So abundant are they said to be--I give the story for what it is worth--that hogs are fattened on their carcasses. How would you like such indirect cannibalism as eating mosquito-fed pork?"

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