Saturday, August 21, 2010

Primary endorsements - part 7

Yours truly has no idea who he will vote for when it comes to the race for Orange County Mayor: Matt Falconer, Teresa Jacobs, Bill Segal, or Linda Stewart.

Some would call Falconer a radical, others a gadfly. I've had the opportunity to meet him personally on a couple of occasions, and have read the book he published about the virtues of consolidating local government. I don't buy-in to that notion, but I do like how he's making the establishment quake . . . even if only so slightly.

Jacobs is a former commissioner who jumped in later than the rest. I like her personally, but question the whole fire in the belly thing.

A lot of developers I know are supporting Segal (my current commissioner), saying he has a pro-business common sense. On the other hand, he and his wife have given a LOT of money to some extreme left-wingers. I don't like the implications that has for how he'd behave during the 2012 presidential race.

Stewart (another incumbent commissioner) is unabashedly liberal, and you have to respect that. You may not always agree with her on policy (and I almost never do), but you do always know where she will stand. And, she has been very supportive of efforts to preserve our local history.

Bottom line: pick one. This one looks like it's headed for a run-off, anyway. So, the real decision won't have to be made til November . . .

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