Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Primary endorsements - part 3

OK, let's throw a non-partisan race into the mix.

In this little corner of heaven, we will soon have our first ELECTED school board chair.

The candidates are former state legislature Bill Sublette, former county commissioner Homer Hartage, and schoolteacher Leona Rachman.

Despite the non-partisan label on this race, Hartage is a well-known Democrat. I couldn't find anything on Rachman.

Sublette, on the other hand, is a Republican. He nearly beat Ric Keller in the party primary to succeed Bill McCollum in Congress back in the 1990s.

No use crying over all the spilled milk in District 8, though. Congress's loss is the school board's gain if you join me in voting for Bill.

To find out more about his campaign, check out this site: http://www.sublette4chair.com

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