Monday, September 27, 2010

Retain Cohen

Judge Jay P. Cohen is a known quantity in this little corner of heaven. A native of Chicago and a Gator grad, he moved to Orlando from Sarasota some thirty years ago.

He is still getting his feet wet on the 5th District Court of appeals, having been appointed by the illustrious Charlie Crist in 2008. But, don't hold that against him.

He has a proven record as a trial judge. He is perhaps best known locally for throwing the book at the dirtbag who beat his kid with a hot oven rack back in 1999. He also presided over the trial that held Learjet blameless in the death of golfer Payne Stewart.

Voters will have to decide this year whether he merits retaining his seat on the bench in what has been nothing more than a formality since the tradition started in 1978.

Florida voters have never denied retention. Not to one single judge.

If they're smart, they won't start with Cohen. He is a fair judge and deserves to remain on the 5th DCA.

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