Friday, October 05, 2007

12 Action Steps to Stop Being Cynical

I am really enjoying Mike Huckabee's new book, "From Hope to Higher Ground." Here are his 12 actions steps to stop being cynical, especially on a Friday:

1. Don't believe bad reports without documentation.

2. Read the Bible more, blogs less. [I would suggest reading BOTH more!]

3. Read more from the "Features" page and fewer from the "Letters to the Editor."

4. Listen to more music and less talk radio.

5. Watch classic films made before 1968.

6. Read biographies.

7. Read magazines about your favorite hobbies.

8. Have regular conversations with people very unlike you.

9. Do volunteer work with the impoverished, disabled, or ill.

10. Write a letter of praise to total strangers you read about who do wonderful things.

11. Practice random acts of kindness.

12. Watch TVLand and Nick@Nite more, network TV less.

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