Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stormy weather keeps shuttle away

A bit of nasty weather in this little corner of heaven today prevented the space shuttle Endeavour from landing over at Cape Canaveral.

So, it had to put down in the California desert, and Central Florida missed-out on those window-rattling twin sonic booms we've come to know and love so well.

It seems the only thing that went right with this mission was the spectacular night launch I blogged about in this dryer some 16 days ago.

After that, one of the seven astronauts lost a $100,000 toolbag in a spacewalk.

Anyway, if ye socks are interested, you can track the orbit of said toolbag at this website:

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Blogger M--- said...

That's hysterical...I think that would be a great Christmas present! Now where can I get one of those tracking thingies for my hubby's toolbag?

11:07 AM  

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