Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hanging on by a thread

We can all breathe a great big sigh of relief this evening as poll results trickle in from Georgia.

It appears that Saxby Chambliss will hold on to his US Senate seat, and thus deny The Disaster in Waiting a fillibuster-proof co-conspirator.

What makes Chambliss's victory even greater is that his liberal opponent actually lost about 4 percent of the vote he got last month, despite stellar appearances by Mr. Hillary and Al Bore. What were they thinking?!

It's not much to be happy about, I'll admit it. But, in 2008, you've got to grasp for whatever straws you can find.

Now, let's just hope that idiot Al Franken is thwarted in his efforts to steal a seat up in Minnesota so we socks can breathe even easier . . .

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