Saturday, January 31, 2009

Updated ahnentafel

For ye socks who have been keeping tabs on my never-ending genealogcial pursuits, I announce a significant revision to my ahnentafel:

The bulk of the revisions stem from new information that indicated yours truly had misidentified #141 on that table of illustrious ancestors. Hannah, the wife of Warren Blakesley of Marengo, Illinois, who died in January 1850, was NOT the daughter of Philo and Sarah Ann (Priest) Peck.

Rather, she was a daughter of John and Elizabeth (Lighthall) Sponable (now properly identified as # 282 & 283).

While this revision eliminates some pretty interesting Connecticut lineages and a coveted link to Queen Anne Boleyn, it does add at least one more Revolutionary War veteran and an infusion of German and Dutch bloodlines.

Sorry if I've bored ye socks who do not share my genealogical addictions, but that's the big news out of this dryer this morning . . .

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