Saturday, June 13, 2009

All the way up to Micanopy . . .

If that sounds like a snippet from a John Anderson song, that's because it is.

Yours truly found himself in this little corner of heaven on one of the muggiest days we've had this spring.

But, it was fun anyway. Here's the laundry list.

* Stopped by a roadside produce stand, and got some fresh roasted peanuts and some blueberry cider.

* Watched some cows chew their cuds.

* Inspected some thoroughbreds and their foals.

* Visited with Big Red (the turkey who formerly ruled the roost at S&S Ranch).

* Toured Windsong Ranch.

* Went to a museum.

* Ate some ice cream.

* Rummaged thru an old book store.

How's that for a Saturday?!

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