Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jimmy Carter: Racism Czar?

Just when I was sure that Ben Bernanke was the biggest nut to step off the crazy bus this week, our illustrious former president Jimmy Carter has once again astounded the nation with his brilliant insights on racism.

In fact, this "elder statesman" has made so many profound remarks on the topic over the years, it would be little wonder if The ObamaNation with its penchant for putting unelected jackasses into positions of power doesn't quickly name the former peanut farmer its new "racism czar."

After listening to the "man from Plains," how could any of ye socks doubt that any disagreement with the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue must boil down to color?

Remember, this is the guy who once accepted the endorsement of Georgia's segregationist governor Lester Mattox with the statement, "I hope to live up to his standard."

Oh, and let us not forget his masterpiece on the subject of racism, "Palestine," which has garnered him the accolades of every anti-Semite from Osama bin Laden on down the list.

I would suggest to Jimmy-Boy that the color issue is not simply one of black and white. Instead, I think HellCare and the other socialist proposals flowing out of DC lately are what is provoking outspoken opposition to The ObamaNation. People beyond the beltway are seeing RED, not black or white.

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