Monday, March 22, 2010

Rights vs entitlements

What a travesty last night's vote in Congress was.

Simply put, it is the product of ignorance.

I'm not saying the perpetrators of Socialized Stealth Scare are ingorant. Far from it. Rather, the people who drink their KoolAid are the real dopes.

For instance, let's clarify the definitions of the words "right" and "entitlement."

Rights are endowed by our Creator. They are inalienable. They are NOT granted to you by the government. You are born with them.

Entitlements are simply government hand-outs. They are given or taken away at the whim of our illustrious leaders.

Of course, Socialists have been purposely using the word "right" for "entitlement" for many years, and not just as relates to Stealth Scare.

Back in the days of the late great Soviet Union, they decreed every comrade had the "right" to free food.

Those of us with a little gray hair remember how well that worked for them. Everytime we saw a news report about a grocery store in Moscow, it showed lines of people snaking around a city block. And, when the reporter asked them what they were waiting for, they never knew. They just figured since everyone else was in line . . .

Eerily similar to what's going on in the ObamaNation, no?!

I fear we have not only trashed the Constitution, but have also bankrupted ourselves and future generations . . . wonder if our unborn great-grandchildren are experiencing buyers remorse this morning?!?

I guess they're entitled to feel that way . . .

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