Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Apostle

Don't know where I was back in 1997 when this movie was originally released, but it didn't hit ye olde radar til there wasn't anything to watch on tv last night.

In fact, I almost didn't watch it this go 'round, either. Considered just calling it an early one and heading off to bed.

Glad I reconsidered.

In fact, I was pleasantly surprised at the ecumenical spirit I found in this story about a Pentecostal preacher. (Best example being the title character's remark on observing Roman Catholic priests blessing a fleet of shrimp boats: "You do it your way and I do it mine, but we get it done, don't we?!")

Robert Duvall, who plays the title character, is arguably the most under-rated character actor of his generation. Over the years, I've enjoyed watching him even in movies that I didn't like. But, this time around, he also deserves credit for writing and directing. "The Apostle" is his masterpiece.

I would encourage ye socks to rent this one, or try to catch it on late night cable some time. And, see how many other actors you can recognize in this cast. (They include Billy Bob Thornton and the two late great ladies Farrah Fawcett and June Carter Cash.)

Bottom line: two thumbs up!

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