Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Not exactly what I expected . . .

So, last night yours truly whipped-up some bow tie pasta.

Made so much, in fact, that we had abundant leftovers around this little corner of heaven.

Now, that's not a frequent occurence!

Anyway, I packed up some of the leftovers in one of the handy dandy containers I found in ye olde cubbard.

Confession: I cannot seem to bring myself to throw out any old containers.

I guess, I got bit bad by the recycling bug.

Or, more likely, I'm just too cheap to buy Tupperware.

At any rate, the container I pulled out of the cubbard was an old "Country Crock" tub. Kinda tacky, but it did the job.

The problem today, is I only now discovered that during the mad scramble to get out the door this morning I picked up the actual tub of "Country Crock" out of the refirgerator instead of the leftover pasta.

Faux butter just isn't appetizing . . . at least not on its own.

Guess this means I need to run out for lunch.

Maybe, I should buy some Gladware while I'm out?



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