Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Christmas Sweater

That's the title of Glenn Beck's first attempt at novel writing.

I got it in the mail from the library on Friday as a hold-over until that vampire book arrives . . .

Anyway, I finally got around to taking a look at it today, and it was a quick and easy read.

Of course, that is the very justifiable criticism that has been leveled against this book: It is too predictable and sentimental.

But, I suppose those are a couple of things we look for during the holiday season.

Beck reveals in the end that this tale is based on his own childhood, which added some weight to the parable. But, not much.

Still, if you don't have a good vampire book to sink your teeth into . . . I know, bad pun.

I hope ye socks enjoy the remains of your weekend!



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