Sunday, February 01, 2009

Did he just say "collateral benefits"?!?!

I refuse to allow the ongoing freakshow that is Barney Frank ruin what otherwise promises to be an awesome day in this little corner of heaven.

But, I had to do a double-take while watching my usual round of Sunday morning news shows, because this buffoon actually got up there on broadcast television to defend wasteful government spending.

This is how bold the hope and change crowd have gotten.

One of the topics o' conversation was the ginormous boondoggle of a "stimulus package" working its way thru Congress and how it's on its way to becoming as big a disaster as the Wall Street bailout package. He pointed out that recipients of that bailout turned around and handed out $18,000,000,000 in bonuses.

Well, Bozo Barney actually had the #*)&*)&## nerve to compare all those dollars ending up in the wrong hands to the "collateral damage" that occurs in warfare. You know, friendly-fire incidents, or cases when innocent bystanders get hurt or killed. Great analogy, huh?

In his world, dollars ending up in the wrong hands are called "collateral benefits." And, they're acceptable, sort of a necessary evil, a by-product of delivering "most" of the money to where it was intended to go.

What kind of philosophy is that?!?!

This is the sort of fiscal responsibility that's trying to re-direct our economy, ye socks.

Stop the madness!

And, bring on the football! We need some distraction . . .

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