Tuesday, February 03, 2009

That'll be the day . . .

The words that followed that Buddy Holly hit title almost seem prophetic on this 50th anniversary of "the day the music died."

He was not alone when his plane crashed in that Iowa field. We also lost The Big Bopper and "La Bamba" icon Ritchie Valens.

But, everybody knew then, and appreciates now, that Buddy was the biggest loss.

Looking back on the golden era of Rock n Roll, it is impossible to find a more electrifying figure, someone who better personified the emerging genre.

Not even Elvis. And, I say that even in anticipation of the hate emails the statement will surely elicit.

Perhaps I am biased as a result of spending so many of my formative years in Lubbock, Texas, but Holly's music can still make you jump out of your seat and dance. "Rave on," I say!

In a perverse way, maybe his fans are lucky they never had to see him bloat into a Vegas has-been or once-was like too many of his would-be peers.

Instead of mourning the anniversary of his passing, I'd say we should break out our old vinyl records and decide once and for all which is catchier: "Peggy Sue" or "Maybe Baby"?

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