Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Maggie breaks it down

The great thing about truth is that it stands the test of time. It doesn't flutter in the breeze of popular opinion, nor does it bow to the whims of fashion.

As a child of the 80s, I find a lot of my current opinions and viewpoints are still colored by a handful of iconic figures from that period. Of course, there's Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II. But, right up near the top of the list is Lady Margaret Thatcher.

Remember, at the time, she was trying to shake-off generations of failed socialist policies in Britain so her country could be a full partner in waging the Cold War.

Her speeches and writings from that era ring just as true today, as the ObamaNation appears hell-bent on descending the spiral staircase of socialism, high taxes, big government spending, and increased regulation of our innate liberties.

But, today, I'd like to remind ye socks of one her best lines:

"The trouble with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money."

Keep that in mind as ye witness the wrangling and hand-wringing that will surely take place in DC over the next couple of weeks. The ObamaNation would have us believe the "stimulus package" they have endorsed must pass and pass quickly. But, they are simply wrong.

This is not a "stimulus package" at all. While it contains some items that *may* be stimulative to our ongoing economic woes, it is by and large an omnibus SPENDING package--a double-whammy assault on taxpayers, both living and as-yet-unborn.

First, it will shackle said taxpayers with an unprecedented level of debt, with no real plan on how to pay it down.

Second, and perhaps more worrisome, it will effectively expand the size of our federal government by 33%.

I would encourage ye socks who have not already done so to contact your US Senators, and encourage them to radically ammend the legislation before them. Cut out the fluff, piffle and nonsense! We cannot afford it on any level!

And, if they don't believe you, tell them to start reading some stuff by Thatcher . . .

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