Thursday, February 05, 2009

Speaking truth to power

So, a bunch of guys were sitting around a table on a chilly morning in this little corner of heaven, talking about the woes of the Pharisees. Matthew says there were seven. Luke says there were six. Whichever one you believe, those Pharisees were a woeful bunch of folks.

Anyway, one of the guys pointed out how insulting it must have been to have those woes enumerated for you at your own dinner table.

I doubt that's the way it was intended.

Insult is really a one-way street. Just my opinion. You can choose to be insulted, or not.

I think the Pharisees' guest was simply speaking truth to power. That's not something that is easily done, even today. And, back then at least, it could get you killed.

But, rarely in the course of history have those in power needed truth spoken to them more than the modern Pharisees up in DC.

Let's hope they hear it.

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